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Lorraine Cochran-Johnson


DeKalb County District 7

DeKalb County District 7 Staff:

Official Leah_Gray background.png

G. Leah Davis, Ph.D.

Chief of Staff


Jennifer L. Manigo

Marketing Specialist

JP Phillips-2021.jpg

Jonathan “J.P.” Phillips

Constituent Liaison


Amaris M. Sawyer

Constituent Services Director

Georgia Institute of Technology Design and Research Studio


Herman Howard


Design and Research Studio - Graduate Students

Alex Watson.jpg

Alex Watson

Ashley Baldwin.jpg

Ashley Baldwin

Caroline Burgess

Caroline Burgess

Dylan Bonsignore.jpg

Dylan Bonsignore

Meet the Team

The creation of Phase I of the DeKalb County E.M.B.A.R.C. Community Youth Farm could not have become a reality without the assistance of many key individuals. We would like to thank the following:

Emma Ressler.jpg

Emma Ressler

Ishwar Ramnarine

Ishwar Ramnarine

Jackie Restrepo

Jackie Restrepo

Jane Rodrigues.jpg

Jane Rodrigues

Jiahao Lyu.png

Jiahao Lyu

Michael Matty

Michael Matty

Mori Haynes

Mori Haynes

Rachael Carstens

Rachael Carstens

RayVonn LauRenn

RayVonn Whitehead

Robb Conklin.jpg

Robb Conklin

Sofia Stafford.jpg

Sofia Stafford

Tiffany Bouquet.JPG

Tiffany Bouquet

Yuanwei Guo.jpg

Yuanwei Guo

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