Lorraine Cochran-Johnson


DeKalb County District 7

DeKalb County District 7 Staff:

G. Leah Davis, Ph.D.

Chief of Staff

Allison M. Slocum

District Manager

Jonathan “J.P.” Phillips

Constituent Liaison

Georgia Institute of Technology Design and Research Studio

Herman Howard


Design and Research Studio - Graduate Students

Alex Watson

Ashley Baldwin

Caroline Burgess

Dylan Bonsignore

Meet the Team

The creation of Phase I of the DeKalb County E.M.B.A.R.C. Community Youth Farm could not have become a reality without the assistance of many key individuals. We would like to thank the following:

Emma Ressler

Ishwar Ramnarine

Jackie Restrepo

Jane Rodrigues

Jiahao Lyu

Michael Matty

Mori Haynes

Rachael Carstens

RayVonn Whitehead

Robb Conklin

Sofia Stafford

Tiffany Bouquet

Yuanwei Guo